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Forever Direct Corporate Distribution Center

Rex realized long ago that the success of Forever was going to be built upon 3 main factors.

1. Partnering with the very best people available

2. Gaining control of the vital processes in our supply chain

3. Building everything to last

Some people in today’s business world consider those to be old fashioned principles but they have served us well.

Whether it is at one of our farms, offices, manufacturing facilities, resorts or ranches, you will see these 3 areas of focus demonstrated.

So when the time came in our expansion plans to build a Distribution Center in Europe, to help us continue to provide an exceptional product to our customers across Europe and Africa, we knew that we needed to follow our time tested principles.

Our first decision was - where? This was an easy choice.  The Netherlands has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in logistics, while managing to maintain a business friendly approach to custom controls.

After we decided on the Netherlands, we knew we’d need an exceptional team on the ground to manage this important project, and we were thrilled when Martin Zegers agreed to join us.  He and the rest of the FD team have become an integral part of our operations and we are grateful for their continued contribution.

When we first started this project we looked at a number of existing sites but none met our needs, so we changed our focus to building something from the ground up.

The new facility, which has quickly become known as “the golden Distribution Center” because of its unique color is about 200,000 square feet of warehouse floor area – almost two Athens Olympic stadiums – and over 15,000 sq. feet of office space over 3 floors; has nearly 8,500 rack storage locations – expandable to 10,000; will receive over 1,000 shipments per year; ships 7,000 parcels per day to Forever Business Owners and 2,200 pallets per month to 90 countries in Europe, Russian states and Africa.

We partnered with many people and organizations to create an open, productive environment that people will enjoy working in.  Every aspect of the building reflects what Forever Living stands for in terms of natural products as well as freedom, well-being, and beauty. It is a modern, architecturally-responsible Distribution Center, with high-quality finishing right down to the last detail.

For many years to come Forever Direct will help us to continue to service our millions of customers throughout Europe and Africa, with what we believe are the greatest products in the world.

We are Forever!