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Our Stories Could Be Your Stories

The best way to learn about Forever Living's opportunity is to listen to our Forever Business Owners. Like many of you, these same people were nervous and hesitant to take control of their financial futures. However many of them did, and they have never looked back. Take a look at their stories:  

“I came to New Jersey from Russia in 1996 with my husband Anatoly and our son Boris. Anatoly was invited to coach at a private gymnastics school; I also worked there. We both had hopes of opening our own gymnastics business because we wanted financial independence and the freedom to travel whenever and wherever we wanted. But we realized that this kind of business requires an enormous monetary investment and consumes all your personal time. In August 2003, I joined FLP as a consumer after trying Aloe Vera Gel. My husband, son and I also noticed the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel. We continued using various Forever products, and we let our friends know about the great benefits we experienced from them.  It was only in March of 2007 that we finally decided to try FLP as a business.

At first, our goal was to earn $800 per month – it seemed like such an amazing supplemental income. In December of 2007, we reached that amount and soon realized that the income from FLP could surpass what we earned in our daily jobs. By setting monthly and yearly goals and working towards meeting them, we were able to achieve the Manager level. In August 2008, I took a month-long vacation to visit Russia, and yet my FLP check did not decrease that month.
That December, we received a check that was two and half times bigger than the same month the year before! In August 2009, we went to China to visit our older son. We did not expect an increase in our volume, but we almost qualified for the Incentive Bonus. In December 2009, we finally made it – our paycheck had doubled compared to the previous December! That same month we won the New Jersey promotion from Boris Mezheritsky, the New Jersey RSD and our close friend. It was as though it was raining money. That same month we also achieved the Business Builders Club, received a Chairman's Bonus check and joined the Conquistador Club for the third year in a row! Thanks to FLP, we are living in a more luxurious, brand new condo, as well as driving a new car; we celebrate FLP with our custom license plate.

We’ve always enjoyed going on vacations, but it is only now that we are free to take time off work. This year we have three business trips courtesy of FLP:  we qualified to attend the North American Rally in Orlando, in May we visited Arizona for a luxurious vacation as Business Builders Club members, and this summer we will go to the Super Rally in Denver. We will do everything we can to make it happen every year.  I continue to work part time as I enjoy my other job, and Anatoly still works full time.  But our plan is to soon achieve an income from FLP that will make it possible for both of us to quit our jobs by 2012. It is clear, the sky is the limit with FLP!”

Natalya & Anatoly Yakubchik


I had an opportunity, seized it and now I want to pass it on. . .

''Five years ago I was presented with an opportunity. A woman completely unknown to me gave a presentation of Forever and I decided, after some hesitation, to give both the product and the business opportunity a chance. I had no idea at the time that I had accepted a unique opportunity, perfectly tailored to me.

I began working on a small scale. My first goal was to acquire a few customers. My health network soon grew as several of my satisfied customers began working with me. What was originally intended as a sideline is now my job. A stimulating job that has brought me quality of life. I have the freedom to manage my own time (invaluable to me as a mother of three), the chance to earn money based on my work input, an opportunity to learn and develop through interesting seminars and to grow through meetings with other people, and a healthy self-esteem and a body and mind that feel great.

I am proud to be able to pass this unique opportunity on to others. I am delighted to be in a position to share my knowledge and help my team to set and achieve their own goals with Forever. I, too, am striving to go further. A trip to the plantation appeals, as does the Chairman's Bonus. Just think that this is all possible by helping others achieve what they want.

I would like to extend a big, sincere thank you to my ever-present instructor and friend Eva Yng for giving me the opportunity, helping me to see the magnitude of it, and for believing in me. And of course a big thank you also to my wonderful team, you inspire me every day!''

Johanna Warme