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Aloe Vera Gel DrinkAs a succulent plant that thrives in even the driest of deserts, aloe’s graceful sword-like leaves are filled with hundreds of nutritional compounds and life-sustaining moisture that benefit the body on the inside and out.

Forever Living provides dozens of products featuring stabilized aloe vera in its purest, most potent form. From nutritional drinks to soothing lotions, and beautifying treatments, you’ll notice the aloe difference right away. Every product we offer nourishes and soothes, helping improve your overall wellness and health. 

''I never get tired of having people put their arms around me and say ‘thanks for making me a millionaire’ that, plus hearing personal testimonies of miraculous health because of the products, makes it all worthwhile.''

Rex Maughan

Rex Maughan

Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer