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Forever is thrilled to announce an exciting new opportunity:

The Eagle Manager Incentive!

(a) Eagle Manager Status is earned and renewed each year. A Manager can qualify by meeting the following requirements during the qualification period of May through April, after qualifying as a Recognized Manager:

  1) Be Active and Leadership Bonus Qualified (even if he/she has no downline Managers). Case   Credits generated during the months he/she is not Leadership Bonus Qualified will NOT count toward   this incentive.
  2) Generate at least 720 Total Case Credits, including at least 100 NEW Case Credits.
  3) Personally sponsor and develop at least 2 new Supervisor lines.
  4) Support local and regional meetings.

(b) In addition to the requirements listed above, Senior Managers and above must also develop and maintain Downline Eagle Managers, as outlined in the following schedule. Each Downline Eagle Manager must be in a separate sponsorship line, without regard to how many generations down. This requirement is based on the Manager position qualified for at the beginning of the qualification period (May 1st - April 30th).

  1) Senior Manager: 1 Downline Eagle Manager.
  2) Soaring Manager: 3 Downline Eagle Managers.
  3) Sapphire Manager: 6 Downline Eagle Managers.
  4) Diamond-Sapphire: 10 Downline Eagle Managers.
  5) Diamond Manager: 15 Downline Eagle Managers.
  6) Double-Diamond Manager: 25 Downline Eagle Managers.
  7) Triple-Diamond Manager: 35 Downline Eagle Managers.
  8) Centurion-Diamond Manager: 45 Downline Eagle Managers.

  (c) All requirements must be achieved in a single Operating Company, with the exception of the new   Non-Manager Case Credit requirement and the Downline Eagle Manager requirement, as clarified   below

  (d) Re-sponsored Forever Business Owners are included in the new, personally-sponsored Downline,   new Supervisor and new Case Credit requirements.

  (e) A Manager can combine new Non-Manager Case Credits from various countries to count toward   the 100 new Case Credit requirement.

  (f) A Manager can combine his or her downline Eagle Managers from various countries for the purpose   of achieving Eagle Manager status.

  (g) Eagle Managers will be recognized as such and will be invited to an exclusive retreat within his or   her Region.

  (h) If a Forever Business Owner achieves Manager after May 1st:
  1) Any New Forever Business Owners he or she sponsored during the final month of move-  up will count toward the new sponsoring and new case credit requirements for that qualifications   period's Eagle Manager program.
  2) Eagle Manager requirements are NOT prorated; rather, the Forever Business Owner needs to   accomplish the 720-total/100-new Case Credits and the 2-new Supervisors during the remainder of the   qualification period after achieving Manager level.

  (i) Upon completion of all requirements to achieve Eagle Manager Status, the Forever Business Owner   will be awarded a trip to attend the annual Eagle Manager’s Retreat located in his or her respective   region. This will include:
  1) Airfare for two and three night’s lodging.
  2) An invitation to the exclusive Eagle Manager’s Training.
  3) Access to all events relating to the Eagle Manager’s Retreat.

For more information on the Eagle Manager level, please watch this training click here.

To watch the video about the 2012 Eagle Manager Retreats, please click here.
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The Eagle Manager Incentive